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Queens Boulevard: Have Pedestrian Accidents Decreased In NYC? | NYC Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Queens Boulevard is a bustling thoroughfare that connects Long Island City and Jamaica - and everything in between. However being one of the busiest and most commonly used streets in Queens also means that it is notorious for deadly pedestrian accidents. In fact, media outlets have referred to the multi-lane road flanked by a bustling row of businesses in Queens as "The Boulevard of Death" and "The Boulevard of Broken Bones."

Just this month, a woman walking on a Queens Boulevard sidewalk was killed when a car slammed into a parked car that then slid into the pedestrian. The driver of the car fled from the scene of the fatal pedestrian accident.

Over the last two decades, about ten people a year die while crossing or walking beside Queens Boulevard. Between 1993 and 2000, 72 people died after being struck by vehicles on the Queens street. In the past eight years, news coverage of the dangers of Queens Boulevard as well as new safety measures have lessened the pedestrian deaths, but they continue to plague the burrow. One step the city has taken is placing signs that say, "a pedestrian was killed crossing here" at the cite of each NYC pedestrian accident site. In addition, cameras have been placed at many of the street's most dangerous intersections.

Although the rate of pedestrian deaths has gone down, it is still one of the most dangerous roads to walk near in all of New York City.