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How To Avoid a Tractor Trailer Accident

Avoiding an accident while you're on the road is the best way to prevent injuries. Not all accidents can be avoided, obviously, but there are many instances where a little defensive driving can go a long way to help you avoid getting into an accident, particularly around tractor trailers. Tractor trailer accidents are common, due to the number of hours many of the drivers are on the roads without a break, and due to the weight of their vehicles.

Here are some tips for avoiding a tractor trailer accident and keeping your family safe on the roads:

Avoid Blind Spots

Truck drivers cause accidents at times, but sometimes they can't help it. They have very limited visibility around their large vehicles. If you drive too close to the back of their truck - you aren't visible in their mirrors. They also have limited visibility on each side of their trailers. If you can't see the driver in their side mirror, then they probably can't see you, either. If you see a tractor trailer preparing to change lanes and you're thinking about passing them or already next to them - get out of the way immediately and allow the driver to change lanes. He or she may not see you and a tractor trailer accident will result.

Prepare for Tire Blow Outs

Additionally, many tractor trailers experience tire blow outs. Have you ever driven down a highway and seen pieces of tire on the side of the road? These are normally tire blow outs from tractor trailers which can send them swerving all over the road until they regain control of their trucks. Keep enough distance between you and the trucks on the road in case of a blow out, too.

Signal Far in Advance of Turning

If you are driving in front of a tractor trailer and will need to make a turn onto another street, turn your signal on far in advance. It takes tractor trailers much longer to slow down when brakes are applied than a typical vehicle due to their excessive weight.

Get Help After a Tractor Trailer Accident

If you or someone you love is involved in a tractor trailer accident, seek advice from White Plains accident lawyers to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your personal injuries, pain and suffering.